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Utility Integration

Community energy involves multiple entities, each serving a critical role

One such partner in your successful renewable energy program is your local utility. Often, they are often the ones providing the credit or bill to your customer. With such complex arrangements, work flows don't always operate smoothly. When that occurs, you need a trusted partner to identify and resolve issues to everyone's satisfaction.

We have seen that, even with the best of intentions, communications with legacy utility systems can be challenging.  Mistakes can get messy and complicated. Solving those mistakes requires patience, close attention to detail, and the ability to problem solve with utility partners.

Ampion works with utilities across the country in the shared renewables market. We coordinate with them to resolve issues on behalf of our clients regarding customer complaints, billing disputes, and credit challenges.

Ampion Helps Resolve Issues

Allocations & enrollments

We ensure your customers receive their correct allocations. If there's a mistake, we work with the utility to correct errors and communicate our progress with the customer. We ensure enrollment and drop issues are resolved, ensuring the right customer is added to the right asset at the right time

Credits & debits

We coordinate with the utility to correct discrepancies made in crediting or debiting, following up to verify that adjustments are applied to customer accounts on a timely basis

Payment applications

Should utility payments be improperly applied, Ampion works toward detecting the source of the miscalculation and confirming its resolution

Professional Services

Understanding the shared renewables market and the community solar market isn’t easy. At Ampion, we have the expertise and the industry relationships to make your entry into the market as easy and successful as possible.

Contract design & support

Finding the right subscriber contracts (PPAs, VNM and supply contracts) depends on your market. Our experts help you design win-win programs for you and your customers in every market you serve

Financial modeling

Community solar is nothing if not uncertain. Let Ampion take the guesswork out of your cost-benefit assessments with custom projections unique to your assets

Market strategy

Our consultants go beyond the regulations to provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed. We catch loopholes and pitfalls while finding the right opportunities to expand and grow your portfolio

Regulatory expertise

No time to sift through complex dockets? No problem. Ampion will filter all documentation to give you everything you need in an understandable format