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Utilities in Renewables

For Utilities, Community Energy is both an opportunity and a challenge

Community energy is the future of our industry. As centralized power plants become uneconomic in the age of renewables, more distribution companies are challenged to provide interconnection, billing, customer service, and asset management for a growing portfolio of smaller, alternative generation sources. This is the trajectory of our industry, and utilities across the nation are beginning to realize that the Distribution System Operator (DSO) paradigm, espoused by the New York PSC and other utility commissions, provides significant revenue opportunities for distribution companies participating in the renewables revolution.

Legacy billing systems are a real problem for utilities; they’re expensive, time consuming, and insufficient for the accommodation of community energy in their current implementations. This challenge is only reinforced by a dearth of asset management capabilities tailored to the Internet of Energy Things and a lack of personnel experienced with new asset classes.

Ampion provides the systems and expert staff that enable utilities to provide Community Energy in their service territories, either as a provider or in support of third- parties.

Our Platform Provides


We offer comprehensive, expert, and white-labelled telephone, email, and web-based customer support. Our platform is mobile ready, educational, and engages customers with online chat and email updates. We also take numerous steps to enhance your customers’ experience.


Whether you support third-party asset owners or provide community energy programs yourself, our platform provides the functionality and interfaces to securely enroll, contract, bill, and service your customers. Our platform integrates with internal distribution company billing, metering, and customer information systems while allowing third-party providers in your service territory to interface with your systems and collaboratively service your customers. Our turnkey platform is an integrated customer and asset management platform that provides transparency for customers, asset owners, retail ESCos, and any other entities interconnecting to your network.


We operate our systems based on the specific requirements of public utility commissions, utilities, and associated dockets and tariffs. In addition, we actively participate in program development across the country in support of your initiatives.


Our system supports bill-ready or rate-ready consolidated billing, allowing distribution companies to enroll customers and rely on our contracts, tariffs, metering, and other data sources to accurately calculate charges for inclusion on utility invoices. All this data can be presented to your customers through white-labelled and user-friendly online customer care portals in a format they can understand.


Our systems support integration with your existing billing, CIS, and other systems via secure and industry standard REST APIs. In addition, we support a wide range of customer engagement, revenue cycle, and asset management functionality to meet the varying needs of IOUs and municipal and cooperative utilities.


There is no substitute for experience in this industry. We have been operating in retail, wholesale, and renewable energy markets since the beginning and have contributed to all state markets where community renewable programs exist. We understand the details of community energy and have spent the time and energy inventing the right solutions.