Regulatory Compliance

Distributed generation programs face the challenge of operating in a market that is constantly transforming

The regulations that govern distributed generation are complex and ever-evolving. Ampion’s policy team tracks the orders, tariffs, and policy activities in your market to ensure that your assets are always compliant with the latest legal and procedural standards. Our software automates essential allocation and rate data while our team provides consultation services on everything from your subscriber agreements to your expansion into new and emerging markets.

Ampion is active in policy arenas across the nation, whether it be commenting on crucial regulatory decisions, collaborating in working groups, or attending hearings in order to promote policy that benefits the distributed and renewable energy markets. Our participation affords us more than just insight into the next major policy shift; it allows us to shape the markets where you operate, fostering better revenue and security for your assets.

Our Policy Services Include:

Contract consultation

Ampion will work with your team to ensure your subscriber contracts comply with the legislative environment in all of your service territories. We’ll provide our professional recommendations on key clauses, rates, and contingencies that define your relationship with customers

Policy analysis

Our team delivers streamlined policy reports on your markets. The frequency, depth, and scope of our reports are tailored to meet your needs, saving you time and foregoing the labor-intensive process of sifting through complex local, state, and utility filings

Market forecasting

Ampion’s market forecasting services will lend you the insight you need to make critical decisions for your business. With customized alerts and ongoing updates, you’ll never miss a market shift

Databasing & automation

As procedures and utilities tariffs change, Ampion’s software adapts to accommodate. We automate our billing and allocation services within regulatory boundaries so you don’t have to