Put your Property to Work

Property Managers

Property managers can take advantage of rooftops, parking lots, and undeveloped land to offer distributed generation services to tenants and employees

Whether you’re a low-income housing authority providing affordable power or a corporation offering community solar, Ampion provides the management solution that can help you incorporate distributed energy into your portfolio.

Our Platform Provides

Streamlined revenue management

Whether you’re bundling a power subscription into your leasing agreement or keeping separate accounting records, Ampion will calculate customer bills, apply discounts, and collect payments on your behalf, all with the financial reporting you need

Allocation services

Ampion distributes the production of your assets to single-meter apartment buildings, multi-meter complexes, and other locations both on and off your property. Our algorithms ensure that all subscribers receive the power that best suits their consumption patterns

Performance analytics & asset management

Our software monitors the critical variables of your energy systems and predicts their energy production, sending alert notifications to your maintenance providers while supplying a data warehouse and scheduling system to sustain the health of your assets

Customer service & engagement

We provide a white-labeled, mobile-friendly software portal for your customers to review the benefits of their subscription. As they review the terms of their contracts and their payment histories, customers will understand the monetary and environmental benefits of their participation

Regulatory compliance & reporting

Ampion ensures that your energy portfolio adheres to applicable state, regional, and distribution company protocol, and we’ll provide your team with reports on your customers, revenue, and production