Software Powering

Performance Monitoring

Connecting to all the different equipment options out there can be challenging

Ampion offers cost efficient Data Acquisition System (DAS) solutions to accommodate any renewable energy or storage asset. The Ampion DAS is capable of interfacing with any inverter on the market, as well as other sensory and control equipment. We utilize state-of-the-art components and a design to reduce points of failure, increasing reliability while reducing overall system costs and over the lifetime of the asset. Our DAS combines revenue-grade hardware coupled with a versatile software platform. And our expert staff manages to seamlessly track and optimize the production of your assets.

In addition to providing traditional generation and power quality metrics, the intuitive user interface of our platform allows users to access workflow-related data quickly and efficiently, while providing drill-down functionality for a wide variety of metrics.

Ampion’s Performance Monitoring System Includes:

Integrated Data Acquisition System (DAS) options

We provide a complete DAS solution for greenfield sites or other configurations with existing data acquisition systems

Innovative weather sensor equipment and metrics

Our state-of-the-art plane of the array sensor provides more accurate irradiance information and transmits data wirelessly to our DAS

Production tracking and reporting

We offer a wide variety of standard real-time and regular interval reports. Custom and configurable reports are also available, allowing the user to investigate and track any measured metric and key performance indicator for an assets

Troubleshooting and Issue response

Ampion provides timely identification, resolution and support of performance-related issues, including notifying all relevant stakeholders and managing ongoing communication

Alert integration and tracking

Ampion can import device alerts and set up custom auditable alerts

Job dispatch, scheduling and tracking

Our system allows the user to schedule and dispatch resources, and track resolution of issues, all accessible via our mobile-ready platform

Monitoring of switchgear and other onsite control devices

Our system integrates with SCADA protocols to allow us to accurately monitor onsite equipment and communicate statuses to utilities and other relevant parties

Ampion’s performance monitoring hardware includes:

  • Plug and play data acquisition system (DAS), with all prerequisite devices, instructions for installation and an installation support hotline
  • Complete DAS, contained in NEMA4 enclosure, calibrated and shipped directly to where it is needed
  • Integration with all onsite inverters, transformers and weather stations
  • Revenue-grade (0.2% ANSI C12.20-2010 accuracy class), minute-by-minute granularity
  • Class A power quality analyzer standards
  • Split-core transformer technology (0.3% ANSI) for non-invasive installation
  • Environmental tracking compliance (M-RETS, NEPOOL-GIS)
  • Weather station with research grade irradiance measurements, low cost and superior reliability
  • Onsite data buffering and storage for all data streams, including meters, inverters and weather stations, eliminating data losses due to drops in cellular connection