Supporting Services for

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

O&M is a critical element of a successful community solar project

O&M providers need to ensure that systems are running properly and repaired rapidly, so the electricity – and the money – keeps flowing. Ampion can help lighten that load, through its integrated suite of software and support services. With our mobile-ready and cloud based interface, real work is accomplished more quickly and efficiently.

Our Platform Provides

Coordinated O&M activities

We offer comprehensive and accurate job ticketing and dispatch tracking

Communication capability and accountability

We provide a platform for robust communications and task assignments, and an audit trail to ensure accountability

Production accounting

Our system records costs, lost revenue, production downtime, and event tracking at the granular level you need

Secure site performance and financial data

Our platform provides secure access to all performance and related financial information. Our DAS hardware features industry leading data security to protect information in the cloud

Streamlined workflow automation

Our system tracks the status of issues and assigns them to the right party. This means quicker issue resolution and cost reductions

Centralized document repository

Our online platform makes it easy to find and access asset documents, whether you’re in the office or out in the field

Easy to install complete Data Acquisition System

our field-tested DAS is a turnkey solution - we ship our DAS with all components preconfigured and mounted in your custom enclosure

Wireless multi-sensor POA weather station

Our system provides irradiance data received at the panel level and along the plane of the array, with near real-time production predictions. Without the hassle of wire runs, our weather station sensors can be installed in under two minutes

Hardware integration options for brownfield applications

Our systems can be quickly and easily integrated into existing sites