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Customer Portal

A shared renewables program, such as Community Solar, allows customers to participate in the renewable energy revolution

Customers sign up to shared renewables programs because they want to save, but also because they care and want to feel connected to something larger than themselves. Providers who reinforce this bond will win more customers. It’s as simple as that.

Ampion Can Help Strengthen This Connection

Customer asset profiles and reports

Your customers get insight into their renewable energy generation

Financial savings and sustainability reporting

We provide you with reporting tools you need to make a powerful and positive impact on your customers

High-quality and detail oriented customer service

Our experienced customer service team solves complex issues so that you or your customers don’t have to

Social media integration, engagement, and promotions

So your customers can share their experience! Our experts can help you develop a social media strategy to support your goals

Referral programs

Our referral programs help you grow your customer base by leveraging your assets in combination with our customer acquisition data and experience

White-labelled solutions

Our white-labelled solutions allow you to strengthen your brand through your service offering powered by Ampion

Mobile-ready platform

Our mobile-ready platform supports both commercial and residential customers