Outreach & Marketing

No energy program can flourish without a strong and growing customer base

For even the most efficient portfolios, the success of an energy offering hinges upon the solicitation of subscribers. Ampion provides outreach services to ensure that your projects are filled with the loyal, long-lasting customers you need.

Our Solution Provides

Digital Marketing Services

Our marketing team knows your customer base, and we utilize the latest internet marketing strategies to grab their attention

Warm Lead Collection

Our customer service team, working with our software, makes the transition from curious prospect to full-fledged customer as seamless as possible

Data & Eligibility Verification

Whether it’s legislative standards or your own, we ensure that every enrollee is suitable for your asset

Online Enrollment

Our software integrates with your brand and your website for concise customer onboarding. A swift and comprehensive form, supported by our customer service team, is all your prospects need to join your program