Ampion's platform enables


Community Energy is the future of Community Choice Aggregations

CCAs have traditionally bought and sold wholesale power delivered through a retail energy entity. With Ampion’s platform, CCAs can now develop community energy resources in their service area and market Community Solar, Wind, Hydro or even storage.

Distributed renewable energy sources are exploding in popularity across the country, and gigawatts of community energy sources are being built. Customers are demanding and signing long term contracts for renewable, local power, and Ampion’s Customer and Asset Management enables it all.

Our Platform Provides:

A CCA-tailored CRM, CIS, and Billing System

Our platform was developed specifically for the CCA operating environment. Our Customer Information Systems, Customer Relationship Management systems and our billing systems store and process energy customer, contract, and asset data according to commission rules and utility tariffs. Additionally, our Asset Management systems support interconnection and operating requirements across North America

White-Labelled Customer Enrollment & Engagement

We offer comprehensive, expert, and white-labelled telephone, email, and web-based support for your customers. Our platform is mobile ready, educational, and engages customers with online chat and email updates. We also take numerous steps to enhance your customers’ experience throughout your program's lifetime

Distribution Company Integration

Our platform is integrated with distribution company systems and allows for active optimization of customers, allocations, credits, and assets. Our allocation algorithms lower risk, maximize revenue, manage customer churn, and more. We manage allocations from our scheduling desk, and we model utility and other tariffs to ensure regulatory compliance and optimal financial return

Support for Retail, ISO, Renewables, and Efficiency Contracts

Our system supports the technical and procedural requirements of traditional retail energy contracts, such as consolidated billing, all while utilizing EDI and jointly managing additional renewables contracts with more specialized requirements

Regulatory Compliance

We operate our systems based on the specific requirements of public utility commissions, utilities, and their associated dockets and tariffs. In addition, we actively participate in program development across the country in support of our clients’ initiatives

Revenue Cycle & Contract Management

Our system is optimized to reduce the time between the production of energy and payment for that energy. To that end, our platform features numerous automated and manual billing and payment options that allow subscribers convenience and security, all the while lowering risk and improving financials for energy suppliers

Expert & Experienced Staff Prepared to Administer Your Contracts Now

There is no substitute for experience in this industry. We have been operating in retail, wholesale, and renewable energy markets since the beginning, and we've contributed to all state markets where Community Energy programs exist. We understand the details, and we've spent the time and energy coming up with solutions