Software Powering

Asset Management

Once your site is up and running, you need to be confident that it's delivering as expected

Ampion provides you with that confidence, combining a versatile software platform and integrated data acquisition solution with management assistance delivered by expert staff. From document management to hardware fault diagnosis, job scheduling and dispatch, our asset management solution keeps your system running smoothly for maximum revenue and performance.

Ampionโ€™s Asset Management Software Solution integrates multiple interfaces into an all-in-one portal. Our innovative database and ticketing system provides stakeholders access to information anywhere and allows for easy and efficient communication. Our solution reduces the time-to-resolution of technical, compliance, and financial management issues.


Document organization

Easily organize and search all documentation related to your energy assets in a cloud-based platform accessible in the office and in the field

Email reminders

Create configurable emails and reminders to communicate effectively regarding your tickets and jobs

Tracked commentary

Our system tracks comments so you can follow the progress of an alert or ticket. Access it later for historical review and trend analysis

Job dispatch

Our system provides capability to schedule and track all jobs with real-time status updates

Integrated payment

Our system gives you the ability to instantly and securely pay your designated O&M provider