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Ampion manages Community Solar, Hydro, and Wind programs for asset owners and developers, including investors, corporations, utilities, retailers, property managers, non-profits, and more. Our Customer Acquisition solution allows you to contract with millions of high quality commercial, residential, and municipal accounts. Our Customer Care and Billing solutions ensure that you get the return on your investment while your customers are satisfied and retained under contract. We manage back-office business processes, information security, regulatory compliance, and utility relationships.

Contact our team today. We have decades of experience in clean energy, deregulation, energy contracts, billing, and data processing.

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Build your business with our software-service solution

Regardless of where you operate, which customers you serve, or what contracts you offer, your capabilities are vital to your growth strategy. Our Customer Care and Asset Management solution manages back-office processes for your Community Wind, Community Solar, Community Hydro, and PPA programs.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Care & Billing

Performance Monitoring

Regulatory Compliance

Ampion is a team of experienced professionals equipped with the tools and strategies to build your customer base. We generate your leads, inform your prospects, and fill your portfolio to capacity.

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Ampion is a billing solution for portfolios of all sizes and contracts of all terms. Our system streamlines the entire billing and payment process, from bill generation to customer notification and collection.

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Ampion's monitoring solution ensures your systems generate optimally. With alert detection and real-time reporting, your maintenance teams can properly track their tasks and keep you portfolio performing at its best.

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Energy regulation is complex and ever-changing. Ampion automates critical compliance functionality in its system, and our team ensures that you energy program meets the necessary requirements.

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Let's build a better energy economy

We envision a world where energy is distributed, renewable, and accessible for every customer, and it’s shaping now. Shared sustainable energy assets are key to this vision, where local power flows to local consumers. This is real power, the kind that ultimately changes the world.

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