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Utilities in Renewables

Community solar is a new way to serve your customers

Utilities can now offer solar energy to customers who have not yet participated in the renewable energy revolution.

Ampion will help ensure the success of this new offering to your customers, while minimizing the complexity to your organization. We recognize that shared renewables is a new offering, with its own sales, IT, and customer care requirements that don’t always easily fit into existing business models and infrastructure. Many utilities have made significant investments in centralized IT systems and have a need to access information in specified formats and customized systems. And utility customer care groups must often focus largely on bill accuracy and outage resolution issues. Community solar is unique and requires additional systems, staffing and training that Ampion can provide.

Ampion’s Highly Qualified Team Eliminates Complexities

Coordination of the various stakeholders

We communicate with solar developers and customers to ensure all aspects related to the production data, allocations and payments are properly accounted for

Data integration and formats

Ampion ensures that program-related information is consistent with utility system needs, billing presentment, and customer care requirements

Correct customer allocations

We accurately and constantly ensure the appropriate allocations of output to customers, consistent with all governing requirements over the life of the project

Customer care functions

Our team of customer care specialists knows community solar. We promptly and accurately answer questions, resolve issues, and maintain records of all interactions if required

Cash management

We offer a wide variety of billing and payment options, check customer credit, and facilitate accurate and timely payments and customized reporting